Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge?

    • We charge a flat rate of $88 which includes the first 15 minutes. We then charge $20 per 15 minutes thereafter.
    • Yanchep and Two Rocks are charged at $99 including the first 15 minutes.
    • All charges are inclusive of GST.
    • Any materials or parts required are charged at an additional cost.
    • There would be no call fee on 2nd appliance during same visit.

    Examples of Average Times
    • Oven Element, fan, thermostat replacement: 10 to 30 minutes.
    • Other oven repairs: 10 to 30 minutes.
    • Dishwasher repair: 10 to 40 minutes.

  • Why do you charge a call fee?

    A call fee exists in most mobile businesses and can often frustrate the customer; however it is a necessary fee to help cover the costs of travel and picking up parts etc, which take up a large portion of the day.

  • Do you offer Senior rates?

    Yes, we offer 10% discount to seniors & pensioners.

  • Will you have the part with you?

    We carry most common parts and after talking to the client over the phone we can usually determine what may be required and bring the appropriate parts. Approximately 10% of jobs may need to be rebooked.

    Please Note: No second call fee is required if a job is rebooked; the time from the first visit is added to the second.

  • How long before I can get a technician out?

    Providing you are flexible generally 1-3 working days.

  • How long is your warranty?

    There is a 12 months part (manufacturer)/6 months labour warranty on all jobs.

  • What if the appliance is not worth fixing?

    If the appliance is deemed to be uneconomical to repair we will only charge the initial fee of $88 regardless of time spent.

  • What forms of payment do we accept?

    We accept cash, Visa, Bankcard, Mastercard and cheque. Payment must be made at the completion of the job. Real Estate and Property Managers can be allocated a 30 day account.

  • Can I Claim it on Insurance?

    There are generally 4 areas which may be covered by your insurance.
    • Motor Fusion
    • Power surge (some insurance companies will ask you to seek compensation from Synergy)
    • Accidental Damage/Glass breakage
    • Storm Damage (ie lightning strike)

    Each insurance company has different policies in place and different levels of insurances are available; so be sure to check with your insurance company first. We can only write a report and offer the facts. We do not get involved with payments made from the insurance company and yourself. Our work contract is in place with the property owner and the property owner is responsible for any payments to be made.